The 2020 Heisman: predicting the winner

Last year, quarterback Joe Burrow of LSU had such overwhelming stats that it was easy for Heisman  Committee voters to name him the winner of the Heisman Trophy. But usually, there are no canaries in the coal mine and Heisman members must sort through dozens of statistics and factors to separate one candidate from another.  … Continue reading The 2020 Heisman: predicting the winner

2017 Final Regular Season Top-25

Savvy favored Alabama from preseason to postseason and there were times when the distance between the Tide and all others was remarkably big. Even so, Georgia entered the season with all of its returning defense plus Nikk Chubb, so the championship game was certain to be a close one. Savvy called it 33-32 for Alabama … Continue reading 2017 Final Regular Season Top-25