2017 Final Regular Season Top-25

Savvy favored Alabama from preseason to postseason and there were times when the distance between the Tide and all others was remarkably big.
Even so, Georgia entered the season with all of its returning defense plus Nikk Chubb, so the championship game was certain to be a close one.
Savvy called it 33-32 for Alabama based primarily on stronger trench play.  The final was an exciting 26-23 Tide win.
    Savvy Index   2018  
  FINAL Top – 25      
    Final Regular Season   Dec 15, 2017  
value rank 640-192 77% wins losses  
594 1 Alabama 13 1 #1 for all but one week of the season. Savvy’s preseason analyses had Alabama as the BIG favorite to win it all.
588 2 Georgia 13 2 Georgia’s entire defensive starting group returned. But, Savvy had a pretty solid “nod” to Alabama.
581 3 Penn St. 11 2 Any team with Saquan Barkley should be top-5.
580 4 Wisconsin 13 1 I know—only one loss, but even after alliterations, Badgers played 2nd weakest top-25 schedule.
579 5 Clemson 12 2 Only Iowa St. played as tough a sched but the Tigers  played it much better.
578 6 Ohio St. 11 3 One of the highest-performing disciplines but just could not win down the stretch.
578 7 Oklahoma 12 2 Oklahoma is a strong contender for the title next season.
575 8 USC 11 2 I believe this is a top-10 team but, as much as I like Darnold, he didn’t play like a top-10 qb.  OL was as disappointing as expected. Gotta fix senseless penalties.
574 9 Auburn 10 4 Started 5-1,  beat both Georgia and Alabama (average 33-16), but ended with two straight losses.  Tigers are close but not “there” yet.
573 10 Notre Dame 10 3 Give Kelly a hand—and a raise. He somehow managed to assemble a good offense from questionable pieces and finished two games better than predicted by Savvy.
571 11 Miami Fl 10 3 Hurricanes still have to find an offense because relying mostly on the nation’s 5th leading turnover-margin is not the way to the top.
570 12 UCF 13 0 I love UCF and I love Scott Frost but NO—in no way did this team belong in the playoff. I wish it would have, but this team was nowhere near playing a competitive schedule.
570 13 Oklahoma St. 10 3 Savvy said Cowboys would win 10 games and finish 12th in the nation. Looks like it didn’t miss by much.
570 14 Washington 10 3 Savvy figured the Huskies for 10 wins—and would somebody give Jake Browning some recognition?  He’s been amazing.
568 15 LSU 9 4 Ogeron should be able to keep this moving upward. Has 10th leading recruiting class of 2018. Savvy predicted 9 wins in 2017.
566 16 Northwestern 10 3 I wonder about NW preseason training. ‘Cats always start slow. Savvy said nine wins and a 19th ranking. Not far off.
566 17 Michigan St. 10 3 Pretty tough schedule; played quite well. Nice rebound from disastrous 2016.
565 18 Va Tech 9 4 Hokies have to become better than average in passing to take the next step.
564 19 Stanford 9 4 This would have been a 10-win team and 16th-ranked except for the weirdness of holding back Bryce Love in 2nd half of the bowl game.
563 20 Mississippi St. 9 4 Had the chance to play three top-10 teams and lost all three—average of -23 points. Top-10 defense; top-11 rushing but just could not pass (112th) to keep up with the big boys. Also, MUST fix turnover issues.
562 21 N Carolina St. 9 4 NCState won 2.5 more games than expected but opponents weren’t as strong as expected either.
562 22 TCU 11 3 Just when you think Patterson will become fossil dust, he breathes genius into his team. Savvy has always liked his results; time for me to personally follow suit.
561 23 S Carolina 9 4 Keep an eye on SCarolina because Will Muschamp is coming on. Not only did USC finish higher than expected, but Will has another top-20 recruiting class.
560 24 Iowa 8 5 Savvy figured Iowa for a final 25th ranking and here the ‘Eyes are at 24th. Team just never jelled. Schedule was pretty tough.
560 25 Iowa St. 8 5 Remember 2014 when ISU was 2-and-dreadful? Even if they break the bank in Ames, Matt Campbell won’t be here long.