The Dangerfields of college football

It's too early to make much of national statistics, but it's not too early to see who is getting respect and who is deserving of some Rodney Dangerfield recognition. You remember Rodney.  He’s the guy who told us, “I don’t get no respect! My psychiatrist told me I’m going crazy. I told him, ‘If you … Continue reading The Dangerfields of college football

Will Cristobal ever win the ‘natty?

Much has been said of coach Mario Cristobal and his determination to rebuild the Oregon Duck football team into an SEC clone.  You know, those big-body, big-smelly, bullies. Indeed, the Ducks have been fattened but has that only made them a bigger banquet for others to gobble or will they someday actually win the national … Continue reading Will Cristobal ever win the ‘natty?