Some will dance to remember

 from the archive of 2018 There are always plenty of five-stars living it up in Hotel Southern California, but deciding on a new quarterback at USC seems akin to premier night in Hollywood.  Like, spotlights and hoopla and national attention.  Or like the peculiar and shallow hand-wringing that precedes announcement of the prom king.  It … Continue reading Some will dance to remember

2018 preview: Pac-12 Conference

  1.   Washington Every PAC-12 coach needs to be at the Huskys' commencement ceremonies next June.  To congratulate the Husky seniors?   No.  To make sure that Jake Browning finally leaves. Sometimes it feels like he's been here forever and like he should have walked the stage already.  I mean, he's been something of a preeminent … Continue reading 2018 preview: Pac-12 Conference