Uncharted Route – The Story of UCLA’s Alexander Knox presented by Los Angeles director, editor, and filmmaker O.J. Pipkin

In these difficult days of national quarantine, our goals may seem to have been knocked down a rung or two.  They might even seem to be falling completely from sight.  Maybe you’ve fought hard and overcome obstacles and defied naysayers only to wonder if the obstructions of today are enough to cancel your dreams of tomorrow.

But take heart! Others have persisted and overcome and they’ll give us an earful of resolve and encourage us to persist with steadfastness.  And that is why we are talking today about UCLA soccer star, Alexander Knox.

No, this is not a tale of soccer.  Instead, it is the story of one person’s human struggle to overcome the same obstructions and discouragements that we all face.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles filmmaker O.J. Pipkin contacted me about his newly-released docu-series entitled The Uncharted Route (The Story of Alexander Knox).

Alexander Knox, UCLA soccer star.  [photo courtesy of O.J. Pipkin]
Pipkin has provided us with this link to The Uncharted Route .

He told me, “This is his (Knox’) story. From his perspective. A dive into his mind and thought process of what it takes to become successful. The ups and downs of the journey when one chooses to chase a dream. Everyone’s route is different, some people follow the footsteps and paths that others have taken. Some people take The Uncharted Route.”

After more than ten years of fighting, Alexander Knox has not achieved all of his goals.  He continues to work and he refuses to surrender.

With Uncharted Route, we can tap into that same inner-source of determination that exists in all of us and be encouraged that today is not the day to cancel our dreams.

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