2018 national championship prediction

Alabama vs Clemson.jpg

The postseason is like a rodeo.  Lots of action, unpredictable disorder, teams bucking every trend that they so arduously set during the season, and never knowing if the good guy or the bronco is going to win—or in modern times, if the good guy is even going to show up.

The Savvy Index rounded off to about 60% in playoff predictions…nearly identical to prior years.

The system has been nearly flawless in predictions for the final four.  The fact that it sees Clemson as a one point favorite over Alabama tells me that it’s mind-boggling agglomeration of numbers knows something I don’t because the Tide seems nearly invincible.

We will have a final top-25 published by January 10th and we will have feature stories and lead-ups to the 2019 season in the weeks that follow.

We have tested two magnificent calibration theories for Savvy that have proven greater benefits than all other upgrades in the past three years combined.   So, we have quite a rodeo of our own going, one of can’t-wait excitement for the 2019 season.


        National championship      
rank t25 regular season: 74%

postseason 21-17

wins losses value final notes
2 2 Clemson 13 0 38    
1 1 Alabama 13 0 37