Full game predictions for Week Zero in the FBS

  Savvy Index   2022    
  predictions week
    week of 08/27/22    
top 25   wins losses game rating notes
  Charlotte     27 FAU won this game
  Florida Atl.     31 38-9 last year.
fcs Duquesne     17 This is a game to keep an eye on because
  Florida St.     38 Duquesne won 7 games last year and beat Ohio.
  Vanderbilt     24 Vanderbilt is favored?
  Hawai’i     37 Commodore qbs threw more interceptions than touchdown last year in a 2-10 season.
  Wyoming     24 Wyoming lost 2 qbs to transfer. Now has Utah St. trf
  Illinois     31 Andrew Peasely who has 121 passs of which a horrendous 5.7% have been picked.
  Nevada     35 Looking for an upset?
  New Mexico St.     24 Bet on New Mexico State.
fcs Florida A&M     21 UNC has to get better qb play
  N Carolina     38 or this will be another long season.
  Nebraska     28 The battle for irrelvancy
  Northwestern     27 in the Big 10 continues.
fcs Idaho St.     24 UNLV lost to it’s only FCS
  UNLV     39 opponent (E. Wash.) last year.
  Connecticut     24 This game is a good bet to
  Utah St.     46 go over 60.5 betting lines.
  N Texas     27 Oddsmakers say N Texas
  UTEP     30 wins this.
fcs Austin Peay     17 Austin Peay is Savvy-ranked 21st in FCS and
  W Kentucky     36 also plays Alabama at the end of this year.

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