Predictions for all week 1 bowl games

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The 2019 bowl season opens this week with eight games.  However, of the sixteen teams in action, only two are ranked.

For the second season in a row, Appalachian State (12-1) will be in the New Orleans Bowl and, for the second season in a row, the Mountaineers will have a different coach than they had during the season.  The fourteenth-ranked Mounties have promoted Shawn Clark to head coach after the departure of Eliah Drinkwitz who left for Missouri for his third team in 13 months.

Savvygameline doesn’t see a drop-off for ASU despite changes at the top.  Clark has been with the program for four years and was named assistant head coach earlier this season.  As a result, Appalachian State holds a 34-17 prediction advantage, the widest predicted margin of the week, over penalty prone UAB (9-4).

Sages of the bowl season decided that national interest in the Buffalo (7-5) vs Charlotte (7-5) match wasn’t already anemic enough so they shipped the teams out of the country. Now, they will meet in the Bahamas at … well … the Bahamas Bowl.   In addition to predicting a win for the Buffs, our system is projecting there will be more fans at the Atlantis shark tank than at the game.

In the Boca Raton Bowl, oddsmakers generally favor SMU (10-2) over Florida Atlantic (10-3) but our Index cites FAU as a 36-30 favorite despite FAU’s coaching change.  Perhaps it’s a matter of addition by subtraction since we’re talking about FAU losing controversial Lane Kiffin. It’s too bad though because Boca Raton translates to “mouth of the rat” and Kiffin might have fit better than most.

In other bowl games, the Savvy Index lists Arkansas State (7-5) as a one point favorite over Florida International (6-6) in the Camellia Bowl, although I think the margin will be double digits;  Georgia Southern (7-5) is a 35-28 choice over rising Liberty (7-5) in the Cure Bowl; Utah State (7-5) is four games under last year’s 11-win season while Kent State (6-6) is four games above, but USU still figures to be two points better in the Frisco Bowl; and, San Diego State (8-4) is a 26-21 favorite over Central Michigan (8-5) in the New Mexico Bowl despite CMU rising from just one win last year under new coach Jim McElwain, formerly of Florida and Colorado State.

PAC-12 contender Washington (7-5) has become an odd choice by Savvy to upend #8 Boise State (12-1) in a game that will see Husky coach Chris Petersen end his stint at Washington against the team that started his FBS stint in Idaho.  Savvy’s 31-30 edge for Washington seems odd, but then, aren’t the oddities of bowl season what makes it so much fun?

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  Savvy Index   2019    
  bowl predictions
  Record: 649-198 77%        
rank teams wins losses prediction notes
  Florida Intl. 6 6 27 Camellia Bowl.
  Arkansas St. 7 5 28 ASU with much better trends.
  Buffalo 7 5 32 Bahamas Bowl
  Charlotte 7 5 27  
  SMU 10 2 30 Boca Raton Bowl
  Florida Atl. 10 3 36 Oddsmakers favor SMU
  Liberty 7 5 28 Cure Bowl.
  Georgia So. 7 5 35 Liberty is a program to watch for years to come.
  Utah St. 7 5 30 Frisco Bowl.
  Kent St. 6 6 28 Utah St had 11 wins last year.
  C Michigan 8 5 21 New Mexico Bowl.
  San Diego St. 8 4 26 Vegas has spread and o/u too low.
14 App State 12 1 34 New Orleans Bowl
  UAB 9 4 17 Spread will probably be 24+.
8 Boise St. 12 1 30 Las Vegas Bowl
  Washington 7 5 31 Petersen’s last game against his first team.