Betting Savvy against the lines . . .


I’ve had friends tell me that they’ve used the Savvy Index to make money at casinos. But, that’s just what they said and not something I know for sure.  Maybe they were just being nice—you know, smiling with politeness while thinking of Savvy as a major dud.

So I’ve been thinking, what if I was a gambler?  What if I bet the Savvy Index against the Vegas lines?   How would it actually do?

The time has come to find out.  Here are the odds posted on on October 10, 2019 at 2pm pdt and how Savvy would bet:

1. Texas Tech at #22 Baylor:  over/under is o58 – betting the over

2. Penn State at Iowa:   over/under is o42.5 – betting the over.  [Probably should double down]

3. Florida (6-0) at LSU (5-0):  margin is -13.5 LSU –  betting LSU does not cover the spread

4. Nebraska at Minnesota:  over/under is 50 –  big wager on the over.

5. Minnesota doesn’t cover the -7.5 spread against the Gophers and, in fact, that Nebraska wins.

6. Mississippi St. (3-2) at Tennessee (1-4):  margin is Miss St. -6.5.  MSU will more than cover that spread

7. Navy at Tulsa:  over/under is 54;  double-bet the over

8. Michigan State at Wisconsin:  over/under is 40.5;  double bet the over

9. #6 Oklahoma (5-0) at #9 Texas (4-1):  Oklahoma -10.5;  Sooners will easily cover the spread.

That’s nine bets and we’ll imagine we make $1000 for each one we win and -$1000 for each one we lose.  We’ll re-post this feature before Tuesday and report the results.

Now, let’s get down to the critical question:   Can someone loan me $1000?