2018: Championship Game prediction


Savvygameline finished with another successful venture in predicting college football games.  The system earned 77% accuracy through the regular season after posting 640 correct predictions against 192 misses.

The championship final matches two teams from the SEC.  I’m not an SEC fan, but it’s hard to say anything except that this conference earned it and has proven once again that no one plays football like they do in the SEC.

  Savvy Index     2018  
Championship Game        
  Final Regular Season   Jan 8  
rank 640-192   77% wins losses value  
1 Alabama 12 1 32 Championship Game
2 Georgia 13 1 31 January 8, 2018

Yes, I know Georgia beat Alabama in the regular season and Alabama has been a bit of a disappointment in a few big games lately, but the system shows strong indicators for Alabama to reverse — errr — the Tide and take the national championship.  Of course, Savvy also said Clemson would be in this spot and we can now all see how that worked out.

But, isn’t that the fun of bowl games?  They are so unpredictable and full of energy and emotion, moreso than we see even in the biggest of regular season games.

Despite all of that, Savvy is rock-solid with its prediction that Alabama will win this season’s championship.

We will post several features here in the off-season to discuss the failure of the PAC-12 in bowl games, what San Diego State plans to for a stadium, the myriad of coaching changes across our nation, and features on some of the mid-majors that produced so many interesting stories.